Welcome to Golf Geeks,
your Golf Trade Partner.

Welcome to Golf Geeks, your Golf Trade Partner.

Our sole aim to help you sell more new equipment than ever before by enabling you to easily offer your customer the choice to trade in their current clubs and range finders.

If you don’t accept trade-ins, you are making it more difficult for your members/customers to buy from you, even if they want to!

Golf Geeks Trade is a members-only website, so please log in to access our live pricing tool & other services to start quickly offering trade-ins or release capital from unwanted/excess stock.

If you’re a Golf Professional, Pro-shop or Golf Retail outlet and are not a trade partner, please take some time to look at our services & use the contact tab, call or email us for further information.

We want the next year to be the best year your shop has ever had, period.