How it works


In a nutshell, our mission is simple. We exist with the sole purpose of helping you sell more new golf clubs than you've ever sold before by embracing the power of trade-ins.

We want the next year to be the best year your shop has ever had period.

We want you to sell more by offering a brilliant service, and we also want you to stock more, safe in the knowledge that anything unsold at the end of the year can be turned back into cash to allow you to buy the next seasons latest range via our excess inventory purchase programme.

We are going to make it so easy for you to embrace the power of trade-ins that you will see the number of leads & interest in new clubs & range finders go through the roof.

You may think 'oh no, not second-hand clubs, what a nightmare' well no more! We are here to fill this gap, let us show you how easy it is by working with a trade partner, giving you access to our live pricing tool you can get a price instantly on a trade-in without stalling the sales process & know that price is what you will get.


Whether you like it or not trade-ins are the way of the future. New equipment is as expensive as ever and ignoring the trade-in element of the sales process and how important it is to your members and clients will negatively affect sales moving forward if it hasn't already. 

We want to make offering this excellent service as easy and efficient as possible by providing first-class customer service & the latest technology available. This includes our live pricing tool, which gives you an instant guaranteed price 24hrs a day. 

3 reasons why Golf shops should accept trade-ins.

1. Maximise Sales - Look at it this way, every trade-in is a guaranteed sale. By providing your members with the option to trade-in their old clubs, they are far more likely to purchase new ones as their out of pocket cost will be substantially reduced. Better yet, they are inclined to upgrade their clubs more frequently, resulting in sales that you can count on season after season.
2. Increase Loyalty - If you don't accept trade-ins, you are making it harder for your customers to buy. Your customers/members are loyal, but if you don't provide them with an outlet for their used clubs, then what is stopping them from going down the road to someone who will? Your members are also your customers. Don't lose them. With Golf Geeks as your trade-in partner, you can be confident that you are getting your members the highest possible values for their equipment.
3. Simplicity - An average trade transaction takes just a few minutes using our live pricing tool. We'll issue payment directly to your account quickly after they arrive. Start accepting & talking about trade-ins and we'll handle the rest. It's that easy.

There are lots of benefits of 'sub-contracting’ this service out to a trade partner like Golf Geeks. 

These include:

- Enables you to fully concentrate on maximising profit via the sales of new equipment.
- Doesn't 'lock-up' profit in the trade-in clubs as Golf Geeks pay quickly & straight into your chosen account.
- Frees up space on the shop floor to enable you to stock more new equipment.
- Stops any resentment from your customers/members when they see their old clubs for sale in the pro-shop at a marked-up price.
- With many retailers selling new equipment stand out from your competition by offering an excellent trade-in service to your customers/ members that’s quick and painless

Excess Inventory Program

Have you ever found yourself in that situation of carrying over too much golf shop inventory to the next year? If you have, you are not alone. As your trusted Golf Trade Partner, we will guide you through the simple process of getting a quote for any unsold stock you want to go in time for the latest equipment to arrive. This not only keeps your shop and stock looking fresh but frees up liquid cash to fund the buying of new inventory. Knowing Golf Geeks is ready whenever you are will give you the confidence to stock a more extensive range of equipment which will only enhance the experience for your customers. You will also enjoy the financial & other benefits the manufacturers offer to shops that buy more stock. Whether you are an existing or future partner of ours, our goal is simple, to provide you with the best technology and services in the industry to aid you in selling any excess golf shop inventory. Our process to sell inventory is fast and easy. We send your electronic payment quickly upon receiving your unwanted stock.