Golf Geeks Trade Website Terms & Conditions

Selling Golf Clubs, Range finders & GPS devices to Golf Geeks could not be easier. 

Once you have been accepted as a trade member you only need to login, using your credentials, to access our live pricing tool with over 4000 golf clubs, range finders & GPS devices you can trade to Golf Geeks quickly & easily.

Please see below for the Terms & Conditions for using the website & selling to Golf Geeks.


1.‘Golf Geeks’ & ‘Golf Geeks Trade Partner’ are trading names of Golf Geeks Ltd, a company registered in England & Wales. Our Company registration number is 3912896

2. Our head office address is Golf Geeks Ltd, 69-75 Thorpe Road, Norwich, NR1 1UA 

3. Our customer service department can be contacted by email at ‘[email protected]’ or by telephone on +44 (0) 330 128 9899

4. For the T&C’s below ‘Buyer’ refers to Golf Geeks Ltd & ‘Seller’ refers to authorised users of the Golf Geeks Trade Website

Golf Geeks Trade Website Membership & Usage

2.1 Acceptance as a member to the Golf Geeks Trade website is solely at the discretion of Golf Geeks Ltd. Membership & access to the website can be revoked or suspended without prior notice if it is believed the website is not being used for the purposes it was designed for.

2.2 Membership is given strictly to the trade & is for this use only. It is strictly prohibited for users to share login details with any other member of the trade who is not authorised to use the site.

2.3 The sharing of login details with members of your golf club or members of the general public is strictly prohibited & undermines the very nature of the websites purpose as a tool to take trade-ins to help stimulate new sales. 

2.4 To protect the integrity of the Golf Geeks Trade website, we use sophisticated software that measures the number of logins per user, per device. 

Obtaining a Quote & Selling to Golf Geeks

3.1 Once a quote is generated it is valid for 30 days & once saved will be available to recall within the ‘My History’ section of the website. After 30 days you may be required to re-submit for an updated price. 

3.2 Before clicking ‘Sell to Golf Geeks’ please tick the box to confirm you have the full permission of the owner to trade the equipment & you have the item(s) physically with you ready to ship. 

3.3 If a club should have a headcover please request the customer provides this at the time they trade in.

Shipping Equipment to Golf Geeks

4.1 Golf Geeks will pay a £5 contribution towards the cost of shipping the equipment to us. Please make sure you use a relevant postal & tracking service as the clubs are the responsibility of the seller until they arrive at Golf Geeks HQ. 

4.2 Please send all equipment to the Golf Geeks Ltd offices. This is different to our head office address & will be supplied to all registered members. 

4.3 Once you click ‘Sell to Golf Geeks’ please ship in a timely fashion. Golf Geeks reserves the right to reject or change the price of equipment that arrives more than 4 working days after being submitted for sale.


5.1 Payments for products will be made electronically to the bank account you requested when your membership was setup. A payment run will be made every Friday (except on Bank Holidays when it will be made on a Thursday) & as long as your equipment has been with us for 48hrs or more it will be included in that week’s payment run. 

5.2 Once payment is made Golf Geeks will update the website in the ‘My History’ – ‘Sold’ section by changing the status of that equipment from ‘Pending’ to ‘Completed’. 

Equipment Condition

6.1 When selecting the condition of a club be sure to familiarise yourself with the condition guides within the website to avoid a problem further down the line. Golf Geeks has tried to make the condition ratings as easy as possible with most clubs falling into the ‘Average’ condition rating. 

6.2 Should a club arrive in worse condition than described Golf Geeks will contact you directly to discuss a revised price at which time you will have the option to have the club returned to you. The cost of returning the club in this scenario to be covered by the seller. 

Counterfeit Equipment

7.1 Golf Geeks does not deal in counterfeit golf equipment under any circumstances. To protect the golf industry in general we all need to be diligent about counterfeit golf clubs & Golf Geeks would stress to all trade partners to inspect the traded in clubs closely before shipping. Any club found to be a counterfeit will be returned & no payment made.  

7.2 SCOTTY CAMERON PUTTERS – Please be aware Golf Geeks will only buy Scotty Cameron putters where a visible serial number can be seen on the shaft. If a serial number cannot be seen it may have been re-gripped, covering the serial number. In this case the grip will need to be removed (and replaced) at the sellers cost to verify authenticity before shipping to Golf Geeks. 

Live pricing Tool

8.1 The live pricing tool is controlled solely by Golf Geeks Ltd for use by its authorised trade members. Golf Geeks reserves the right to change prices without prior notice to reflect current market conditions. 

8.2 The live Pricing tool, its contents & prices are the physical & intellectual property of Golf Geeks Ltd and cannot be copied, duplicated, edited or re-used in any capacity without express permission, in writing, from Golf Geeks Ltd. 

8.2 It is the responsibility of the seller to ensure they select the correct club(s) and/or rangefinder or GPS device from the database. If the incorrect equipment is shipped to Golf Geeks they reserve the right to adjust the price accordingly. If items are to be returned to the seller the cost of shipping is covered by the seller. 

8.3 The seller must take care to ensure they select the correct equipment from the database. This is particularly important for manufacturers who re-use the same name for a product over a long period of time (e.g. Newport putters in the Scotty Cameron range). The image for each club should help with this but if in doubt please contact Golf Geeks before shipping.